When I Grow Up…

by | Sep 28, 2021

When I was a kid, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Or, more precisely, I couldn’t narrow down what I wanted to be to just one or two things.

I wanted to be everything. Teacher, author, radio dj, actress, journalist, artist, editor, book reviewer, and the list goes on.

When it came time to pick a major in college, I STILL couldn’t decide between all of those things. So instead, I picked communications, since all of those things had to do with communication and I could easily get several minors with a communications major.

A couple weeks ago, a special guest came to the school to talk to the seniors about their options at the university she was representing. A lot of what she had to say segued nicely with things I’d been telling them. And I was able to offer some insight and advice for those “researching” students. (We used to call them “undeclared,” but that’s apparently changed.)

Afterwards, the presenter and I were chatting as the students prepared for their next class. And as I was speaking to her, I realized I get to do and be…all of the things I wanted to do and be when I was a kid. Except be an astronaut or architect; I didn’t pursue either those hard enough. But still, I get to live my dream life with my dream job(s).

Sure, many of the things I spend time on are volunteer for the church or school. But all of the things I get paid for are things I wanted to do long-term. And that is pretty cool.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Adriel Wiggins

Adriel Wiggins

Owner, Adriel Wiggins Author Services and Consulting

Hello! I’m Adriel Wiggins, wife, mother of three, bibliophile, art geek, and all around student. I’ve been on a quest all of my life to learn as much as I possibly can about everything I possibly can. This has helped me tremendously in what eventually became my life’s purpose: to help other people become the best version of themselves. It is in that line that I became an assistant.

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