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Writing is hard enough...

Between marketing, social media outreach, newsletters and the other extras involved with building a successful writing career, you might find yourself thinking:

Where’s the time to write?!

As your virtual assistant, I can help with these tasks while you focus on what you do best:


Tiny Details = Big Reactions

You’re building new worlds, complex characters and intricate plots. Any inconsistencies will stand out to readers and ruin the illusion.

As an author, it’s easy to lose track of minor details. Whether you’re writing short stories or 5-part epics, continuity editing helps create consistency within your works.

Spelling, characteristics, mannerisms… I’ll keep track of the little things that make your worlds shine!

Virtual Assistants: The Secret to Getting More Done in Less Time

We all get 24 hours in our day. As a writer, there’s a good chance that a large portion your day is reserved for the not-so-glamorous side of the writing life: drafting newsletters, preparing for book launches, managing social media or building your author platforms.

These essential tasks are part of building a successful writing career. But finding a balance is tricky. Too much promotion and your writing suffers. No promotion and your books are invisible.

As your virtual assistant, I will help you reclaim your writing time and find that balance.

Adriel is amazing–knowledgeable, savvy, responsive, and easy to work with. She has helped me self-publish several books from my backlist and knows the process from a-z, including finding cover artists, formatting, uploading, and advertising. My sales have skyrocketed since I started working with Adriel.

Laura DiSilverio

Author, Mall Cop Mysteries

Keeping the Details Straight: The Importance of Continuity Editing

Whether you’re writing your first book or charging into the 10th book in your series, continuity editing will help you keep track of the little things that jump out at readers.

Stories evolve from draft to draft. In the process, you might leave details behind in other parts of your work. As a continuity editor, I can help align the details and present a cohesive, consistent experience for your readers.

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