Proofreading: Catching the Last Tiny Mistakes

by | Jul 13, 2019

Why should you use a proofreader?

So your manuscript has been copy edited and you think it’s ready for publishing. You’ve read it and re-read it, and it looks “okay” to you. Unfortunately, it still has errors that your spell-checking software may have missed. This is what proofreaders are for.

While copy editing deals more with content, proofreading focuses more on correct spelling, page numbers and headings, and the overall appearance of your manuscript. Sometimes our brains skip over things that look right, but aren’t right.

Proofreading can be tedious, and time consuming, but it is one of the small, but very important last steps before mass publication that can make a big difference in the finished result.

As an author, you want your final copy to be perfect, and I can help make that happen.


I am a continuity editor and proofreader. I fully recognize that I’m not an adequate copyeditor. HOWEVER, as of May 2019, I brought on a team member who is a great copy editor. You can check out Tricia’s profile here. -Adriel Wiggins

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