Why would you want an Audiobook Proof?

Many authors love having their books available to audiobook fans. However, making sure the narrator is producing the best, accurate product can take time they could be using to write a new book.

I will listen to your audio files and make notes of needed changes based on the final version of the book. I can work directly with the narrator, or through the author.

This flat-rate service is on a sliding scale, based on how many words your manuscript has.

<40K words: $75

40K-70K words: $100

70K words: $125

Adriel is wonderful to work with. She’s dependable, fast, and efficient. She’s done the audio proofing for several audiobooks for me, which frees up my time and allows me to get more writing done. With¬†Adriel helping me out, my work load is lighter and I have more mental energy to focus on writing.¬†

Sara Rosett

Author, Murder on Location series

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