Pricing Rates

Depending on the service you require, Adriel charges a couple different ways: $30/hour for most Virtual Assistant services, by word for various editing services, or flat rate by task for certain VA tasks.

Dragon Manuscript Edit:

We will turn your rough voice to text manuscript into something you can easily read and polish up.

<40K words: $75
40K-70K words: $100
>70K words: $125

$12/1,000 Words Copy Edit:

We will tighten up your manuscript, eliminating spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and incorrect register.

$12/1,000 Words Continuity Edit:

We will do a thorough edit on your manuscript. We compare it to any previously published works in your series as well as look at internal continuity. If you need a series bible built, you can get that separately for $200/book.

$10/1,000 Words Proofread:

We will proof your book, making sure it all conforms to your style guide (or we can create one for you) and ensuring that there are no typos.

$100/Book Format:

We will format your book using Vellum (for digital and print) for $100. Then, we will upload to the stores of your choice for $15/book/store. Options for using other programs are available, email for a quote.

Audiobook Proof:

We will go through your audiobook word by word to find errors the narrator needs to fix.

<40K words: $75
40K-70K words: $100
>70K words: $125

Sales you can expect:

March: in celebration of her birthday each year, Adriel runs a sale on hourly services, discounting them to 50-75% their normal price. You can purchase hours in sets of ten to be used as needed.

November: for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday each year, Adriel runs a sale on flat-rate services, discounting them to 50-75% their normal price. You can purchase a large amount at the sale rate and use them over time, as need be.

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