Pricing Rates

Depending on the service you require, I charge a couple different ways: $25/hour for most Virtual Assistant services, by word for various editing services, or flat rate by task for certain VA tasks.

Dragon Manuscript Editing:

I will turn your rough voice to text manuscript into something you can easily read and polish up. $60 <40K words; $80 40K-70K words; $100 >70K words.

$8/1,000 words Continuity Edit:

I will do a thorough continuity edit on your manuscript, comparing it to any previously published works in your series as well as internal continuity.

$30/eBook formatting:

I will format your book using Vellum (for digital and print) for $30. Then, I will upload to the stores of your choice for $10/book/store.

$300/1,000 Keywords:

I will build a database of 1,000 keywords for you to use in AMS targeted advertising, making sure the keywords are not only high-earners, but also relevant to your work. If you wish for me to set up and run campaigns for you, I will do so for $50/campaign.

Sales you can expect:

March: in celebration of my birthday each year, I run a sale on hourly services, discounting them to 50-75% their normal price. You can purchase hours in sets of ten to be used as needed.

November: for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday each year, I run a sale on flat-rate services, discounting them to 50-75% their normal price. You can purchase a large amount at the sale rate and use them over time, as need be.

NOTE: I am NOT your best option for a copy edit job. I love Dragon Manuscripts, Continuity Editing, and final Proofreading, but there are better editors for developmental editing and copy editing.

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