Put the Writing Back in Your Writing Career!

Whether you’re self-published or traditional, carving out your place in today’s market is harder than ever. Being a successful writer is about more than putting pen to page. In fact, as you get more successful, it might feel like you spend more time handling business than you do writing!

I want to help you take back your writing time!

Adriel has been part of my publishing team for two years now (Two years!! Where has the time gone?), and she’s a vital part of my success as an indie author. I can’t do it all myself, and I trust Adriel to help me.”

Gina Drayer

Author, the Modern Girl's Guide romance series

As your author’s assistant, I can tackle those not-so-fun business tasks related to your writing career while you focus on bringing your stories to life.

My services span a range of common needs. I understand that a one-size-fits all package doesn’t apply to authors. From understanding your audience and brand to tailoring services based on your strengths and weaknesses, I work closely with all of my clients to ensure that the service I offer brings value and genuine help to the table.

Popular Services Include:

Social Media Marketing

  • Writing, editing and scheduling social media posts
  • Engaging with readers on social media
  • Creating and monitoring author groups and pages
  • Running contests and giveaways

Design & Formatting

  • Formatting eBooks and sales materials
  • Performing minor website design edits
  • Designing promotional flyers and adverts
  • Designing print materials for author events

Email Marketing

  • Building and maintaining subscriber lists
  • Creating, writing, editing and scheduling automated mailing lists
  • Designing and implementing email drip campaigns

Content Marketing

  • Creating and editing website content
  • Creating digital promotional materials
  • Writing, editing and scheduling blog posts
  • Submitting sales to deal and promotion sites

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