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As you probably know, writing books is only one part of being a successful author.

Some might even argue it’s the easiest part…

Most of my services revolve around editing and helping authors to optimize their business routines — either through outsourcing common marketing tasks to me or by setting up automation and workflows to improve efficiency.

If you’re looking for additional options to improve your publishing skills, promote your brand, and be more effective at the business side of writing, consider these courses and resources.

Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links. This means I get compensation should you decide to enroll. This doesn’t increase the cost for you or influence my choice to recommend them. I wholeheartedly believe these courses offer great value and are an affordable option for both aspiring and established authors to improve their business skills.

Sell More Stuff without Selling Your Soul

Featuring 72 episodes and 8+ hours of content, this course condenses The Art of Business podcast into a concise, easy-to-follow course full of actionable tips.

Topics include marketing, sending query letters, crowdfunding, product launches, self-care, and other handy tips.

Master Automation to Power Your Self-Publishing Career

This course from Andrea Pearson, USA Today best selling author and successful indie publisher, offers an accessible, actionable guide to setting up an effective email automation system. All in under an hour!

Topics range from the best sequences to engage with your audience to managing the email campaigns of multiple series or books.

Use the code ADRIELWIGGINS for 20% off!

My Personal List of Professional Service Vendors

I can’t do everything — and neither should you. If you’re looking help with something, but don’t know who to trust, here’s my personal list of author services vendors. Some I’ve worked with personally. Some I know either in real life or online.

Specialties include marketing, mentoring, copy writing, copy editing, branding, resume services, web design and more!

My Personal Appearances

I’ve been a guest speaker or interviewee on several different platforms. You can check out the full list of podcast, conferences, and more here.

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