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Do you want great looking books without having to pay for Vellum or Atticus? Draft2Digital has a book formatting tool that’s free to everyone, whether or not they publish through Draft2Digital.

My favorite feature of Draft2Digital is their aggregation service. Through Draft2Digital, you can publish your book on many different stores and platforms! It saves you tons of time from going to lots of different platform sites and uploading your book over and over again.

Then, once you’ve published a book on Draft2Digital, it automatically gives you a universal book link (UBL) that you can use to give everyone a single book link, but they can purchase the book from whichever platform they prefer, on the site built for their country. 

is the UBL side of the Draft2Digital world. Even if you don’t publish your books through Draft2Digital, you can get a Books2Read account and create your own UBLs. Plus, if you put in your affiliate codes with any of the platforms/stores, then they automatically get added to your books that are clicked on from Books2Read! Can we say “passive income”?


Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links. This means I get compensation should you decide to enroll. This doesn’t increase the cost for you or influence my choice to recommend them. I wholeheartedly believe these courses offer great value and are an affordable option for both aspiring and established authors to improve their skills.



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