7 Key Habits for Success

by | Sep 21, 2021

Do you ever feel like you’re running in place and not succeeding at getting any closer to your goals? There are seven habits you could put into place that would help you accomplish your goals much faster than you’d expect.

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They are (In order of ease for most people to put into place):

Bedtime Routine

When you prepare for the next day the night before, then you have less to think about when you first wake up. This will be harder for early birds than night owls. But it’s a huge key for both. Review the calendar for tomorrow so that you know what to expect. Have tomorrow’s meals planned and prepped (if practical). Pick out your clothes/shoes/accessories (you might need to wash or iron some tonight for tomorrow). Make sure your kitchen and bathroom sinks are clean (huge psychological secret: waking up to a clean sink makes your day better). This is a great place to incorporate Daily Self-Care.

Morning Routine

If you have a successful Bedtime Routine, then a Morning Routine is much, much easier to accomplish. Since I already have my workout clothes (as well as work clothes) laid out, I can just grab them and pull them on before walking out the door for my daily self-care. There are and courses about setting up a morning routine that’ll fit you. This is a great place to incorporate Daily Self-Care.


Create boundaries for yourself. Especially if you’re a work-a-holic! Then, stick with those boundaries. I will stop working at 5:00 each week day. I will work no more than two hours on Saturdays and one on Sundays. But this isn’t just about not working 24-7. It’s also about consciously stepping away from all screens and notifications and dinging alarms to go enjoy nature or family and friends or to indulge in Daily Self-Care. I fully admit, this is the hardest one for me, though other people find it quite easy.

Daily Self-Care

Yes, this can be incorporated into your Bedtime and Morning Routines. And, yes, Unplugging can be part of this. But this is about being your best self…for as long as possible. It incorporates many aspects such as good nutrition, regular exercise, filling your spirit and mind with positive things, unwinding and relaxing, and more. Some days, the only self-care I manage to get in is making sure I take my medicine and vitamins. Other days, it can mean spending all day with my family without any electronics. How much you do each day isn’t the point. The point is that you do something every day.


The more things you have to manually do, the less brain space you have left to accomplish goals. Set as many things on auto-pilot as you possibly can. more in-depth before. Really look at every area of your life and analyze what you can put on automations. Home management, work, etc. This habit really takes time more than a lot of the others simply because some things require research to set up. But once they’re set up, you don’t have to mess with them too frequently.

Time Blocking

More than any other organization skill, really understanding and using Time Blocking can save you tons of aggravation and help you see huge steps toward accomplishing your goals. Consider repeating time blocks that you do the same thing the first Tuesday of every month, or Friday afternoon every week, or at 9:00 every week day. Having recurring events on your calendar that show your standard time blocks can make scheduling much easier.


No matter how good our systems are, sometimes they need a little tweaking. So having regular reviews helps things keep running smoothly, moving you forward to success. My weekly review mainly looks at household routines that need to be done every day, our menu plan for the next week, and any upcoming tasks and events. My monthly review focuses on the budget, but also household routines that need to be done every week and household automations. My quarterly review incorporates not only the household chores that need to be done every month, but also how my pricing for my business compares with industry standard. This is also where I review the majority of my business automations and routines. My annual review looks at all routines and automations that are more than a month long, how we’re coming along on our life goals, what we’ve accomplished in the last year, and what we’re planning for the next. (My business annual review is six months away from my personal/household annual review.)

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If you get these seven habits in place, working on them regularly, your life won’t magically be better in a day. However, you will begin to see improvement across many areas of your life if you keep at each of these.

Adriel Wiggins

Adriel Wiggins

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