Customer Spotlight: Sara Rosett

by | Jun 1, 2021

Sara Rosett

Sara Rosett, USA Today bestselling mystery author, says:

Everything was on me. And now that I work with you, I think, ‘Ok, I can just ask Adriel to help with that.’ And it takes the pressure off. It was fine, but I was getting to the point that I had more than I could keep up with. It was getting to the point that I was getting anxious about things.

Does that sound familiar? Do you feel like you’re trying to do it all on your own? Juggling everything? Feeling anxious because it’s all on you? In my talk on , I talk about the importance of building a trusted team. When you have a group that “gets you” and loves to support you, then you can rest in knowing you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Even if I’m not your ideal assistant, there is one out there for you! One that understands your business, can do what you need done, is in your budget, and whose personality meshes well with yours.

You don’t have to feel like it’s all on you. You don’t have to stress and juggle. Check out my list of .

Now Sara Rosett says:

I feel like I have backup. It’s not all on me. I have things that I know this is bigger than I can handle. But I know I can break it up into pieces and we can handle it together. And I feel like it’s a relief to know that it’s not all on me. There is someone else who knows my processes. It’s nice to have backup and someone out there who knows how this all works and can help me out. It’s a mental-health thing, in a way. I don’t have to worry about it; Adriel’s handling it.

This could be you too.

Check out my full interview with Sara here:

USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett writes lighthearted mysteries for readers who enjoy atmospheric settings, fun characters, and puzzling whodunits.

You can find Sara:

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