An Interview with Laura Bradbury

by | May 21, 2021

Laura Bradbury

I had the opportunity to talk with bestselling memoir author Laura Bradbury. We discussed getting unstuck, the importance of finding a good copy editor and author assistant, and much more.



Books Laura mentioned:

Hail Mary – Andy Weir : (space geekery! Yay!)

People You Meet on Vacation – Emily Henry: (also loved her book “Beach Read”)

Falling For Your Best Friend – Emma St. Clair- (this whole Love Cliché series is fantastic)

Past Imperfect – Julian Fellows : (my next series is set in Oxford, UK so I’m brushing up on my posh British vernacular)


You can read my review of Laura’s book on memoirs here.

Looking for adventurous, feel-good reads? Look no further. Laura Bradbury’s bestselling books have been described as “the lovechild of Peter Mayle’s A YEAR IN PROVENCE and Cheryl Strayed’s WILD.” Honest, evocative, and always romantic.

The beloved Grape Series now includes seven books (all available in Kindle Unlimited and Audible) with more to come. Laura branched out into romance with The Winemaker’s Trilogy set in her beloved vineyards of Burgundy with A Vineyard for Two and Love in the Vineyards.

Touchwood Editions has just published a stunning co-authored cookbook, Bisous & Brioche, based on her Grape Series of memoirs that readers have been asking for.

Laura’s life has been the stuff of fiction (or a truly riveting reality TV show). It’s included a lightening bolt love affair with a frenchman, a never-used law degree from Oxford, panic attacks, three franco-Canadian daughters,  a 13th Century wine cellar just to keep things interesting, and one liver transplant from a rare, autoimmune bile duct disease.

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You can find Laura:

Website    Facebook    Twitter    GoodReads    Amazon

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