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by | Nov 23, 2017

Are you a big pocast listener? I have been for many years. I tend to binge-listen to a whole year’s worth of a show. So sometimes I’m a little late to realizing that someone’s mentioned in me a podcast, unless they tell me they have.

I was amused once when an author friend of mine mentioned me in a podcast, but he couldn’t remember my name, so he just said, “I’m blanking. That one woman who is totally awesome and I forgot her name…” I’m not sure if anyone else laughed at that, but I sure did.

One of my favorite podcast shows is Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing with Lindsay Buroker, Jeffrey Poole, and Joseph Lallo. They regularly have some really great authors come on and chat about the mechanics of selling books.

A few weeks ago, they had Andrea Pearson on. Andrea had just spent a week at an intensive training conference, and spent a lot of the time with tables full of people listening to her talk about marketing, even though she wasn’t one of the featured presenters. Her ideas are proven and tested over many years, and it shows.

I knew that Andrea had done the podcast interview because that’s a project we’re currently working on, but I hadn’t realized she mentioned me until another author that I work for emailed me and told me. (side note: congratulations, Andrea on saying my name properly! You’re now in the exclusive club of people who both know how to pronounce AND spell my name correctly. LOL)

If you’d like to listen to Andrea discussing how to structure releases and set up newsletters, then you can listen to the SFFM podcast here.


Adriel Wiggins

Adriel Wiggins

Owner, Adriel Wiggins Author Services and Consulting

Hello! I’m Adriel Wiggins, wife, mother of three, bibliophile, art geek, and all around student. I’ve been on a quest all of my life to learn as much as I possibly can about everything I possibly can. This has helped me tremendously in what eventually became my life’s purpose: to help other people become the best version of themselves. It is in that line that I became an assistant.

Strategize for Success. Streamline your Business. Succeed with your Goals.

Adriel is an absolutely fantastic assistant. I’ve worked with several, and she’s been the most professional, efficient, and organized. She follows directions closely, and she is wonderful at keeping up on deadlines. Not only that, but her range of services, expertise, and knowledge is amazing. She’s the best thing that’s happened to my author business!

Andrea Pearson

Author, Mosaic Chronicles

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