Since no one can keep all the details of every single book they ever wrote in their head at all times, a Series Bible Builder is a great person to find that detail you need.

Building a series bible is similar to the process of doing a continuity edit. The primary difference is that I will not be making edits in your manuscript. This service is more for already published books that have already been edited by a good copy editor. Since a good copy editor will catch most internal continuity issues, it’s not as necessary for me to edit these works. Instead, I just make note of all of the details you already have in place in a series as a series bible builder. You can see an example of what one of my series bibles looks like.

For about $200 per previously published book, you get a series bible and a customized video explaining how to best use it. You also have full ownership of the bible, so you can share it with any alpha/beta readers, editor, or ultra fans you’d like to.

If you’d like me to maintain a series bible that’s I’ve already created, then I can do a continuity edit as each new book is being written, or do the standard ~$200/book after the book has been published. Depending on the length of your book, this might be a better deal, though you will not get the editing feedback you do with a full continuity edit.


Note: Due to the time involve, Adriel recently changed this pricing structure to $200 for book less than 100,000 words, or $300 for books more than 100,000 words. Still a great deal for your huge fantasy or sci-fi books!

Let me be your Series Bible Builder!


I’ve used different bible makers over the years, but none of them compare to Adriel’s level of professionalism. She was ahead of schedule, easy to communicate with, and the final product far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her.

Amanda Cashure

Author, the Shadows and Shade Series

I am a continuity editor and proofreader. I fully recognize that I’m not an adequate copyeditor. HOWEVER, as of May 2019, I brought on a team member who is a great copy editor. You can check out Tricia’s profile here. -Adriel Wiggins

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