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by | Jan 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to build a strong email list? How to keep those readers engaged? How to not irritate them by spamming them all of the time? You want to Self-Publish Strong!

Let the very experienced and very successful Andrea Pearson, fantasy author, show you how it’s done. Andrea is currently releasing courses on how to build an engaged subscriber list and sell books on auto-pilot. The courses are a companion to her books that you can find at Self-Publish Strong. You can get a discount on the other courses by signing up here and using the coupon code ADRIELWIGGINS. 

This is a great set of courses that are very affordable for authors at all stages of their business.

 Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links. This means I get compensation should you decide to enroll. This doesn’t increase the cost for you or influence my choice to recommend them. I wholeheartedly believe these courses offer great value and are an affordable option for both aspiring and established authors to improve their skills.

Available courses are:

Finding Subscribers (In this course, Andrea teaches how to find subscribers, including who to target, where to put invites, and how to get giveaways to work. You too can Self-Publish Strong!)

Automation Sequences  (In the Automation Sequence Course, Andrea Pearson will teach you a basic sequence that’ll work for nearly any author, and she’ll explain when that sequence won’t work (and what to do instead).)

Increase Your Reviews (In this course you’ll discover how to run a healthy ARC team, along with multiple honest and legitimate methods to increase the number of reviews for your books, including using giveaways and running blog tours.)

Launching and Relaunching (She dives into Amazon algorithms and how they pertain to launches along with how to fix them if they’re inaccurate. Andrea also discusses the ways reviews affect launches and how to use download bonuses to encourage readers to buy now and not whenever they get around to it.)

Advanced Newsletter Marketing (From learning how to write killer subject lines to selling books in a way that feels natural, Andrea Pearson takes authors on a journey of self-improvement with methods that are guaranteed—based on studies—to get results.)


I love bringing you the best courses, free downloadables, and other great content to help you strategize, streamline, and succeed. See all of my suggestions on my Resources Page!

BookBub Promotions and More 

While you’re checking that out, check out Andrea’s Facebook group for authors: BookBub Promotions And More. If you are reading this on Tuesday, January 23, 2018, before 3:00pm, Eastern time, then come join me in the group for a chat about hiring and working with an author assistant. We’d love to have you join us! Link for the closed Q&A time that you can still read here.


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