The Nature of Entangled Hearts by Emma Hartley

by | Jan 8, 2018

Emma Hartley’s The Nature of Entangled Hearts was…unexpected. Disclaimer up front: I don’t believe in reincarnation, and don’t typically read books that feature it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a book that’s centered around it. And this book is very much evidence of that. For those of you that have read/watched DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, think HawkMan, HawkGirl, and Hath-Set. Yeah. Not one of my favorite love triangle stories. At all. But I LOVED Nature of Entangled Hearts. When I first picked it up, I think I was too distracted by other things going on. Because I felt like I was wading through the prologue. F. Scott Fitzgerald purple prose wading. But once all the distractions were cleared away and I actually curled up with chapter 1… I devoured the rest of the book in one go. I’ve rarely so thoroughly enjoyed a book that by all rights I shouldn’t have liked at all. The only other author who consistently pulls this type of reaction from me is Rick Wayne, king of whispering to my most visceral inner self. Hartley’s writing is very vivid and beautiful. It’s obviously an artist narrating, not just by the fact that the story happens in a ceramics studio (cool!), but because of her descriptions of the world around her. It made me miss art school just a tiny bit. Which was very unexpected. Overall, 4.5/5 Stars. I can’t give it the full five because I really, really had trouble with the prologue. But the rest of it was just truly magnificent.   You can read my interview with Emma here.

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