Folder by Raymond Bolton

by | Nov 6, 2020

Raymond’s newest book, Folder, is an incredibly fun ride. Well, except for the car accident, of course. 🙂

Eric Folder is a young man, getting ready to go to university. But a car accident throws everything off course. Soon, Eric discovers a new ability that a concussion unlocked in him. He finds himself jumping through parallel universes, with each universe increasingly different from his own. His family changes, his new girlfriend changes…he changes. Is there anyone who can give him answers and stop this crazy roller coaster ride?

As always, Raymond’s writing is exciting and keeps me coming back for more. Like most authors I love, I schedule a day that I don’t have other work to do, so that I can read the whole book in one sitting. Folder definitely didn’t disappoint. Go, get it today.

Disclosure: I met Raymond Bolton at a conference, and he’s been a good friend ever since. But even if he weren’t, I would be grabbing up his books.


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I only post reviews for books I am not connected with. If I beta read or edited the book, or work as a virtual assistant for the author, I do not post a review. However, authors occasionally send me books to review.

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