The Lightning Bolt

by | Jan 14, 2015

There comes a point in a book that a statement of truth is made. And it rings through your soul. Ah! It hits you! That’s what you’ve been missing. That’s where you kept mis-stepping. And now you see the light. Now you know what to change. You have learned something and you will never be the same. Your very essence has shifted. And you look up to share your excitement with your people, and none of them have changed in the last second. What’s wrong with them? Don’t they see how the world has been transformed? Don’t they know that you can see so much more now? Oh, wait, they haven’t read it yet. And even if they do, they probably won’t understand why it’s so important. I read for lightning moments.
Adriel Wiggins

Adriel Wiggins

Owner, Adriel Wiggins Author Services and Consulting

Hello! I’m Adriel Wiggins, wife, mother of three, bibliophile, art geek, and all around student. I’ve been on a quest all of my life to learn as much as I possibly can about everything I possibly can. This has helped me tremendously in what eventually became my life’s purpose: to help other people become the best version of themselves. It is in that line that I became an assistant.

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