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by | Apr 4, 2018

Do you feel like a slimy car salesman when you promote your books? Would you like to see huge launches without feeling dirty? Russell Nohelty’s Sell More Cool Things can help!

Russell is a USA Today bestselling author, book marketing expert, audience growth hacker, Kickstarter guru, and all around lover of creative humans. He says, “I’ll tell you, people WANT what you have to sell. They NEED what you have to sell. You just have to know how to give people what they want. That’s why I’m here.”

 Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links. This means I get compensation should you decide to enroll. This doesn’t increase the cost for you or influence my choice to recommend them. I wholeheartedly believe these courses offer great value and are an affordable option for both aspiring and established authors to improve their skills.

Available courses are:

How to Build an Audience from Scratch (For years I have been selling my most popular course, Build a Rabid Fanbase and changing the lives of creatives all over the world. However, that course is very expensive and people have been asking me for years to make something more manageable and less expensive…but still packed with all the power of my main course.)

The Business of Art (If you love lessons from my old The Business of Art podcast, you’ll love it even more without commercials or filler. I went through all of my lessons and took out every commercial and filler episode leaving you with just 8.5 hours of actionable goodness. You too can sell more cool things!)

How to Build Your Creative Career (How long have you been trying to build your career? How many hours have you spent banging your head against a wall? How much money have you sunk into ads and marketing that just don’t work? Now, what if you had a blueprint that could show you all the elements you need to build a creative career without feeling gross about it. How much would that be worth to you?)

How to Become a Successful Author (There are over 50 hard won lessons in this book, all borne from life as a successful writer. You’ll leave this book with the tools and ability to make a living as a writer without struggling every minute of the day.)

Crush It On Kickstarter (This course is everything you need to get started on Kickstarter and crush your goals without a massive time commitment.)

Create Profitable Facebook Ads (This course was created with one question in mind: If I could go back in time, what would I say to get myself to profitability fast so that I could have the kind of career of my dreams without having to wait ten years to break through and have success?)

After reading Sell Your Soul, I took his Business of Art course and loved every minute of it. It really challenged the way I think about marketing. Let Russell teach you all he knows at Sell More Cool Things!


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