Have I told you about Ozark Book Authority? It’s my local book…authority. 🙂 It’s our local writers community, local literacy advocate, local book event go-to, and more.

This summer, they’ve got an awesome workshop going on (all online). And I’ll be speaking during the workshop. Today’s the second day, but it’s not too late for you to join and learn all kinds of good stuff.

They’ve also got the regular conference coming up in October. Come check it out, and maybe join me this month!


Update: You can check out my solo talk on Continuity Editors and the panel I was part of on Finding Your Audience.

Adriel Wiggins

Adriel Wiggins

Continuity Editor & Virtual Assistant

Hello! I’m Adriel Wiggins, wife, mother of three, fur mom, bibliophile, art geek, and all around student. I’ve been on a quest all of my life to learn as much as I possibly can about everything I possibly can. This has helped me tremendously in what eventually became my life’s purpose: to help other people become the best version of themselves. It is in that line that I became an assistant.

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