Michal by Jill Eileen Smith

by | Jan 24, 2014

I just finished reading Michal: A Novel by Jill Eileen Smith. I bought it forever and a day ago in one of those “Ten eBooks by *publishing house* authors for only $5!!” deals. I just now got around to reading it. Pathetic, I know.

It’s not the worst “historical fiction based on a bible story” I’ve read. I think Smith does a really good job highlighting the family dynamics of Saul’s family. And most of the problems I have with the book have to do with Smith’s inexperienced writing style, more than the story or how she approached it. I would definitely recommend it. Especially to young people who haven’t made some of the BIG DECISIONS yet. Smith does a great job of showing how your actions affect your life.

But I had one major problem with the book that has nothing to do with Smith and everything to do with my mom. See, you might not have realized it, but Michal and David’s brother-in-law was this guy named Adriel. And since this book has a LOT of Michal’s family in it, I keep seeing my name paired with the pronouns “he” and “him” and “his.” Yes, intellectually, I’ve always known where my mother got my name. And I’d always known the Biblical story surrounding David’s annulled betrothal to Merab. But the Bible only has Adriel’s name twice. To see it over and over in a fictional context was…surreal. And disturbing. And disconcerting. And discombobulating. And discomforting. And dis… well, you get the idea. Not sure I’ll read this book ever again.

But I do suggest YOU go read Michal. 🙂



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