An Interview with L.E. Doggett

by | Mar 23, 2018

Author of short stories of fantasy and sci-fi, L.E. Doggett and I got to chat a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!  

AW: Which author wasn’t your greatest inspiration, but did make you think, “Maybe I could be an author”?

LED: Hmm, that would go way back. Possibly Sterling E. Lanier and/or James H. Schmitz.

AW: Tell me about the first time you thought, “Wow. I’m a real author!”

LED: I use the term “writer” usually, but that would be—not sure, back in middle school when I felt like I was a writer. Can’t say the very first time but around then I started feeling like I was.

AW: What’s the oddest part about your routine that you simply must do in order to sit down and write?

LED:  I would like to say get a frappuccino from Starbucks, but I only do that once a week. Get some hot tea.

AW: What is your biggest writing obstacle? 

LED: Myself; procrastination is my main problem.

AW: How do you prefer to network, and what impact do you think those avenues have had on your sales?

LED:  I network on social sites. Hmm what impact? Probably zero–well, take that back probably a tiny one.

AW: What is one mistake you’ve made in your publishing career that you’d like to warn other authors off of?

LED: That is harder. Maybe, not spending more cash money on getting the word out.

AW: Is there any advice you’d like to give to a new writer?

LED:  Study writing. Make sure you take the time to write. Expect rejections from editors.

AW: What are you currently reading?

LED: A Wind in the Night by Barb and J.C. Hendee and Shadow of Victory by David Weber and Bless Your Heart by Kimbra Swain.

AW: Have any super fans found you yet, and if so, what sort of things have they done that seem surreal to you!

LED: No super fans. Oh wait. Not for the books but I may have one on Goggle+ who has placed some of my short stories in a collection he has. Surreal? Hmm, Can’t really think of anything except seeing my books in print.

AW: When people read your books, what do you want their greatest take-away to be?

LED: Enjoyment, entertainment. That with grit and determination, they get it the job done.

L.E. has a new book releasing the beginning of April. You’ll find it here:
L.E. is a new author who lives with his wife and daughter. They live in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California. They attend a nice conservative, hopeful church and both work. He is a blue collar worker, with a collage education. He has written stories most of his life, but only seriously for the last four years. His stories have been published in a Star Trek anthology and in On the Premises Magazine. You can find L.E.:

Website    Facebook    Amazon

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