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Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville Series includes: Kitty and the Midnight Hour Kitty Goes to Washington Kitty Takes a Holiday Kitty and the Silver Bullet Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand Kitty Raises Hell Kitty’s House of Horrors Kitty Goes to War Kitty’s Big Trouble Kitty Steals the Show Kitty Rocks the House Kitty in the Underworld Low Midnight Kitty Saves the World Bonus set of short stories: Kitty’s Greatest Hits You know a friend is a good one when she can recommend a book series to you in full confidence that you’ll devour the entire thing and ask for more. And then after years of “You really should read that”, you do and she was totally right, and you loved it. So, this review is all Gina’s fault. Because she’s persistent and knows me well. Oh, and she was right about the devouring. Less than two weeks to complete the entire series (with four other books read during the same time). Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series is an urban fantasy, a supernatural detective story. Just like most of my favorite series are. I loved all of the series very much. Kitty and the Midnight Hour is the first in the series and is an introduction into the life of Kitty Norville, the regular college kid who got bitten by a werewolf, and had to change her life plan a bit. Like becoming a over-night radio dj instead of her original idea. When she gets a phone call at the station that asks her a question instead of a song request, she takes her Midnight Hour music show in a different direction: a talk show that discusses the supernatural world. Thus begins a great adventure that takes Kitty’s life in an even odder direction than she originally anticipated. I loved every single second of this book, and even picked out my favorite characters. Kitty Goes to Washington is the second Kitty Norville book. Since Kitty was outed as a werewolf in the first book, she is considered a known authority. So, of course, a hotshot senator subpoenas her to appear before a senate hearing on the supernatural! Because this is Kitty’s life, nothing goes as planned and havoc ensues. This is the adventure when I should have realized just how valuable Ben is in her life. He’s her lawyer after all. But more than that, he’s the steady rock by her side in the midst of the storm. If only I’d paid attention… Kitty Takes a Holiday is where I became unreasonable angry with Carrie Vaughn. See, I wanted Cormac to be Kitty’s romantic interest. I mean, I really, really wanted him to be the main male character. At least we got to see a lot of him this book. Kitty and the Silver Bullet proves just how stubborn I can be. I was holding out hope that Cormac would sweep in and rescue Kitty and they would get together. This didn’t happen. I should have known. It’s still an awesome book, though there were definitely some scary moments since Kitty returned from exile, and all. Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand is where I finally resigned myself to the fact that Ben is an awesome mate for Kitty. And that there were bigger things brewing in Kitty’s world than who I hoped she would be with. I also have to laugh at myself because I realized how ridiculous I’ve been about the whole thing. By the end of this book, I was fully on #TeamBen. Kitty Raises Hell unfolds another layer of the Long Game that’s been hinted at before. To me, this is where the series got really interesting and the BIG CONSPIRACY clicks into place. As if I couldn’t love the series any more after finally shipping Kitty and Ben, we get to see just how awesome the series is going to be in this one. I liked the Scooby-Do feel of this one. Kitty’s House of Horrors is about where I got really frustrated with prejudice. As if there’s not enough in our world. Carrie’s view of the world is highly accurate. And I could totally see this particular situation happening just like this if the supernatural were to become known today. Doesn’t make losing good friends any easier. But at least Kitty made even more allies. Kitty Goes to War is especially close to my heart. Being part of a military family endears my heart to those who’ve seen war. I know coming home is hard enough for most soldiers without lycanthropy being added to the mix. Having that added, made this even more interesting. And while the question has been asked before, “What if we had special forces units made entirely of lycanthropes?” Carrie’s approach to it was truly wonderful. Kitty’s Big Trouble has Kitty traveling the American West and meeting gods, which she’d tried before to believe weren’t real. As she asks a lot of questions about what she believes, she learns more about the Long Game. I enjoyed watching the Asian gods battling. Kitty Steals the Show is set in London and may be my favorite of the entire series. This is entirely my English Literature Teacher mother’s fault. I enjoyed Edward Alleyn’s story immensely. Plus, we get to see old friends again! Kitty Rocks the House is the point where I begin getting seriously mad at some of Kitty’s allies for wimping out. This probably makes me unreasonable because I probably would do the same thing if faced with the same issues. But I can always hope that mankind (and vampirekind) will stand up for what’s right. Kitty in the Underworld is…not my favorite. It probably has to do with Kitty’s panic at being underground for the majority of the book. Or maybe because I was at a particularly stressful point of a project that I was doing for work. Or maybe because I was beginning to come down with  the flu. I’m not sure. But I did not enjoy this book as much of the others. Though, Kitty definitely learns a lot about Roman in this one, which is highly useful. Low Midnight is told from the viewpoint of Cormac/Amelia. This adventure that sets up some of the pieces that are key for Kitty Saves the World was truly amazing. I, of course, love Cormac, so it was good to see him putting some of his personal ghosts to rest. Now, if only there could be a way for Cormac and Amelia to be together for real… As if they aren’t together enough already! Kitty Saves the World is a wonderful end to this series. Carrie’s note at the end is a perfect wrap-up to what has been an incredibly delightful series. All kinds of wishes (of both Kitty and the fans of the series) come true in this one. And despite the fact that this is the final battle to this war, there were many points that I laughed through this. Kitty’s Greatest Hits is a collection of short stories. They occur all through history, and include many stories that have been alluded to through the series. I read it right before Kitty Saves the World, though you could listen to it pretty much any time after Kitty in the Underworld. I wouldn’t read it as a whole before that, though Wikipedia lists it as the tenth book in the series. I’m trying to figure out where “The Temptation of Robin Green” happens in the timeline of Kitty’s world. I’ll probably never figure it out. Oh well. You can read my interview with Author here.

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