Great Start Sale!

Start your 2017 off right! From now until January 7th, 2017, you can save $50 by booking ten hours of Virtual Assistant services for only $100, instead of the normal $150! Book now and use your ten hours whenever you’d like. Or, if you don’t need full...
You’ve got style, man!

You’ve got style, man!

Over the last several years as I’ve been a continuity editor for authors, I’ve created several Style Sheets for authors. Normally, I get the book about the Beta Reader stage, ask the author a few questions (You’ve got three different spellings of...


One of the best parts of editing is coming across a reference that I’m not familiar with. I can get lost in a Google research hole for hours. Editing helps me continually learn new things. Adriel Wiggins Continuity Editor & Virtual Assistant Hello! I’m...

Not American. And better for it.

The thing I love most about editing books for authors that aren’t American and aren’t writing about American culture is how much I learn. I learn new phrases. I learn new words. I learn new meanings to words I already knew. I learn about different people...
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