The Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt

There comes a point in a book that a statement of truth is made. And it rings through your soul. Ah! It hits you! That’s what you’ve been missing. That’s where you kept mis-stepping. And now you see the light. Now you know what to change. You have...

Why quizzes bother me.

Where’s the “all of them” option? Adriel Wiggins Continuity Editor & Virtual Assistant Hello! I’m Adriel Wiggins, wife, mother of three, fur mom, bibliophile, art geek, and all around student. I’ve been on a quest all of my life to learn as much...
Curse you; I love you!

Curse you; I love you!

NPR has an excellent article about Dorothy Dunnett. I haven’t read any Dorothy Dunnett, but I shall soon be correcting that mistake. There was one sentence from the article that really caught my attention: “It really taught me that finely wrought emotional...

A Whole New World

I love opening a new book from an author. Especially if it’s a Universe I haven’t read yet. What will I see I click on that title? Will it be a grand adventure? A epic quest? A thrilling chase for the truth? A series of unfortunate events or a comedy of...

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