The History of Transportation

by | Feb 7, 2018

Adriel's Used and Out of Print Bookstore

Have you heard? Adriel's family traveled to Tanzania, Africa to spend time with family. To help aid their finances for this expensive trip, a friend donated hundreds of books for Adriel to sell. This friend has been buying used, discarded, and out of print books for over two decades instead of owning a television. His curiosity is as insatiable as Adriel's, so he reads primarily non-fiction with a good sprinkling of novels thrown in. All books are in good to very good condition with minimal markings. Most hardcovers also have their dust jackets still. Adriel will be posting the books, one box at a time, for sale. You can find this week's selection and the stores they're available on below. If Adriel reads a book from the vast selection, she'll review it and post the review along with the week's books for sale.

This week’s selection includes several history books and several books on transportation. I hope you enjoy one of these!

000 General Works —
100 Philosophy and Psychology —
200 Religion and Mythology —
300 Social Sciences —
400 Language —
500 Natural Science —
600 Technology:

Grand Marques Cadillac by Andrew Whyte: Poster book with pictures of famous car make Cadillac models from 1905 to late 80’s.
The Cutting Edge by C. J. Heatley III: Photos depict aircraft carrier activities and are accompanied by comments by crewmembers, and information about aircraft
Aircraft of the World by William Green: Aircraft illustrations sorted by country.
Scientists and Inventors by Anthony Feldman and Peter Ford: Presents 160 chronologically arranged biographies of scientists and inventors with emphasis on their particular contributions to the progress of mankind.
The World’s Great Attack Aircraft by Roy Wilkinson: Cutaway illustrations, specifications, performance, plus description and avionics are given for 20 fighters.
Helicopters: Modern Civil and Military Rotarcraft by Robert Jackson: History and photos of military helicopters.
U.S. Fighters by Lloyd S. Jones: U.S. Fighters, 1975, by Lloyd S. Jones. This book contains a detailed description (with drawings and photos) of every American fighter to carry a “P” or “F” designation – from the P-1 of 1925 to the F-18. Tremendous reference book!

700 Arts —
800 Literature —
900 Geography and History:

From Charlemagne to Hitler: A Political History of Germany by J. S. Davies: An overview of Germany’s political history.
The Discovery of the Titanic by Dr. Robert D. Ballard: A firsthand account of the author’s twelve-year quest to find the sunken luxury liner is illustrated with dozens of photographs and includes moment-by-moment accounts of the tragedy and the successful discovery expedition.

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