Why should you customize your keywords?

Amazon is currently the top seller of books. Period. And you can take advantage of that. One of the things that Amazon does is put a list of “products related to this item” on every item page. You want your book to appear in as many of those slots as is applicable to get the word to your target audience.

I can build you a list of author/title keywords that’ll best work to sell your book. I begin by using the “also bought” books at the bottom of your book’s page. This lets me know what other books people who liked your book have spent money on, and lets me target those readers who bought those books but not yours yet. Then I incorporate the top 100 books in your book’s genre and subgenre. I can also find slightly less well know, but still selling books that have similar themes, characters, and story lines to your book.

Once you run AMS ads based on combinations of these keywords (I’ll walk you through how to do that), you should see some growth in sales.


I can’t say enough good things about Adriel’s service on AMS keywords. Her turnaround time was exemplary – particularly given that she had to develop my list from scratch. Her rates were very reasonable.

Great service!


Nathan Lowell

Author, Tanyth Fairport Series

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